Enhanced spin-polarization lifetimes in a two-dimensional electron gas in a gate-controlled GaAs quantum well

Exciton, trion, and electron spin dynamics in a 20-nm-wide modulation-doped GaAs single quantum well are investigated using resonant ultrafast two-color Kerr rotation spectroscopy. Excitons and trions are selectively detected by resonant probe pulses while their relative spectral weight is controlled by adjusting the gate voltage which tunes the carrier density. Tuning the carrier density markedly influences the spin decay time of the two-dimensional electron gas. The spin decay time can be enhanced by a factor of 3 at an intermediate carrier concentration in the quantum well where excitons and trions coexist in the system. In addition, we explore the capability to tune the g factor of the electron gas via the carrier density.

S. Anghel, A. Singh, F. Passmann, H. Iwata, J. N. Moore, G. Yusa, X. Li, and M. Betz, Phys. Rev. B 94, 035303 (2016).