Electron wave running along edge of semiconductor video-captured by ultra-fast microscope

~Visualized spatial propagation of fractional quantum Hall edge~

The group of Dr. Akinori Kamiyama and Prof. Go Yusa (Department of Physics, Tohoku University) and Dr. Takaki Mano (National Institute of Material Science) have developed a scanning stroboscopic microscopy and spectroscopy which operates at extremely low temperature and high magnetic field. They succeeded in video-capturing electron waves running along an edge of a fractional quantum Hall liquid, which is one type of the topological material. This result is an important step toward unraveling exotic fractional quantum Hall liquid physics and developing a quantum universe simulator.

A. Kamiyama, M. Matsuura, J. N. Moore, T. Mano, N. Shibata, and G. Yusa, “Real-time and space visualization of excitations of the ν = 1/3 fractional quantum Hall edge”, Phys. Rev. Research 4, L012040 (2022).